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"We live in a time and place that allows older people to disappear from view and then leave this life without being known by others. Every human life has or should have a legacy."


 International coordinator     


Kathleen burnett

Kathleen has 27 years of long-term care management experience and has been actively involved with the Eden Alternative movement as the Coordinator for Eastern Canada since 1998.  She has facilitated trainings to health care providers to become Certified Eden Associates, held workshops and seminars on long-term care culture change across Eastern Canada.  In addition, she provides consulting services to homes embracing organizational transformation from the institutional model to the human habitant model of care.

Kathleen completed the initial revisions to the Eden Alternative's resource manual, "Haleigh's Almanac" which was completely updated in 2010.  Later in 2012, it was translated into French and made available for purchase under the title of "Le recueil de Marguerite". She co-authored the book "The Road To Eden North: How Five Canadian Long-Term Care Facilities Became Eden Alternative Homes” which was published by Canadian Hospital Association in 2004.

For the past 18 years, Kathleen has joined many courageous and passionate people on a journey to seek a better world for our Elders and those who care for them.  Currently she facilitates the East of Eden culture change network for all Eden Registered Homes in Atlantic Canada.

Kathleen's qualifications include a Bachelor's of Science in Health Services Management, Certified Healthcare Project Manager and a Certified Adult Educator.  She also holds an OANHSS Administrator’s Certification recognized by the Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care.